Introducing Walker Brothers Millwork

Whenever you get ready to repair, remodel, or add on to an older home, it’s almost impossible to match existing mouldings.

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Most of the wood moulding profiles used over five decades ago are no longer available because many of the old companies are out of business or the mouldings were actually manufactured right on the job. If you compare the size and shape of older mouldings to what’s available today at your local lumberyard, you will also discover that many are much thinner; made of soft, paint-grade wood, and lack any depth or detail.

Older, artistic style mouldings gave classic homes an elegant, cultured style. Unfortunately, they are being lost forever from property damage or remodeling projects which disregard the old mouldings because they cannot be matched up. When you are faced with replacing, repairing, or adding to beautiful, older moulding in the home, what can be done to preserve or restore the original look of the home without breaking the bank? The Ro-Mac Door and Custom Millwork Shop in downtown Leesburg is your answer.

The Ro-Mac Door and Custom Millwork Shop can produce brand new mouldings that will replicate your home’s existing moulding. Simply bring us a small sample of the moulding you would like to match. We’ll build a matching template that will be used to grind special high-strength steel cutting blades that will be used to produce new matching moulding.If you’re unable to obtain a sample piece of your existing moulding, we can come to your location and generate the template for you.

The Ro-Mac Door and Custom Millwork Shop recently expanded its custom moulding selection by almost 450 new moulding profiles, with the purchase of the moulding catalog, knives, and proprietary rights from Walker Brothers Millworks of Winter Garden. For nearly 70 years, Walker Brothers Millworks produced some of the finest mouldings in Central Florida. They were the first choice of builders, homeowners, and commercial contractors for their custom moulding dreams and requirements.

With the addition of the Walker Brothers Millworks catalog and the Ro-Mac Door and Custom Millwork Shop’s ability to produce custom wood mouldings, the best answer for replacing, repairing, or adding to discontinued wood mouldings in your home is to call Chuck Shoop and his skilled team at the Ro-Mac Door and Custom Millwork Shop at 352-314-3169. Better yet, stop by to see their beautiful showroom at 700 East Main Street in Historic Downtown Leesburg.