1913 Train Depot Restoration

Architectural restoration is both an art, and a labor of love. And nobody does it better than Ron Franklin and his skilled team at Franklin Construction, here in Leesburg (352-267-8461). The old 1913 Train Depot, NE of downtown Leesburg, was recently leased by Beacon College, who plans on restoring it, and using it for educational and recreational purposes. Franklin Construction was given the restoration contract and the task of bringing the 100 year old structure up to 21st century code and comfort.

Ro-Mac To The Rescue

In a recent tour of the inside, it was fascinating to see century old construction techniques, as well as the materials used back then. This thing was built to last! Ron and his team are doing an amazing job on the old Train Depot, and Ro-Mac is proud to help out with some of the custom millwork. Pointing to some of the trim, Ron told me, "They just don't make this stuff anymore, and we have to match it." So here at Ro-Mac, we're designing some custom knives in order to mill the various trim and woodwork to match the stuff installed over a hundred years ago.

You do beautiful work Ron! Can't wait for the Grand Opening.


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