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We’ve all seen the commercial, with the plain spoken Insurance agent explaining to a potential customer, “You think you’re covered for this.” But what you’re really covered for is this.” Each time making the point by showing a swimming pool, vs a blow-up wading pool. Or a Ferrari sitting in the garage, replaced by a used Prius. The sad fact is, he’s right. What we think we’re covered for, often turns out to be much less than we thought. Why? Because Insurance policies are complex, written in a format not always easy to understand. And it’s difficult for the average homeowner to figure out, “Just what is the right coverage for me?” Put together a bad policy and when disaster hits, you’ll feel let down, and taken advantage of.

I sat down recently with Angela Taylor of the Frank Slaughter Insurance Agency ( to discuss this very topic. Angela has been in the insurance business for quite some time and knows the ins, outs, and what to look for when you select an agent and a policy. You can catch the 30-min video of my interview with Angela on our website here >>

So take a few moments, watch the interview, take some notes, and have the upper hand the next time you visit your local insurance agent. It will save you time, money and give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are truly protected from whatever comes your way.