Around The House: Upcoming Projects

In this segment of Around The House, Kent Adcock, CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter, will be here to discuss their upcoming projects, their mission, and a new partnership with The Villages Charter Hight School. Affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing many working people. It should be a fascinating conversation.

18-09-10 KentAdcock-H4H

Around The House: Making Homes Affordable

In our first segment, today, we are going to be joined by Dominique Johnson, Housing Manager for Homes-in-Partnership, and it is truly amazing what they are doing to get low to moderate income families into new homes. By leveraging local, state and federal housing programs, there are thousands of working families in Central Florida that now have a home because of Homes-in-Partnership.

18-09-10 Dominique-HomsInPrtnrshp

Around The House: Get Your Lawn In Shape

Our guest this morning on Around The House iChuck Hackenberger, owner of Turfmasters Pest Control.  It has been hot and rainy summer, which is creating disease and attracting bugs to your grass. Is your lawn looking a little rough? You may need to consider lawn treatments and fertilizers. Chuck Hackenberger of Turfmasters Pest Control is going to discuss how to get your lawn in shape and ready for the fall. We are going to discuss how the summer has effected your lawn as well as ways to reverse the damage. Chuck is an expert in lawn maintenance and we need some of his advice after this winter.

18-08-27 ChuckHackenberger-Turfmasters

Around The House: Serviceable Landscaping

Our guest this morning on Around The House iJason Schmidt, owner of Jason Schmidt Landscaping Professionals. One of the most ignored sections of your hacienda, is your landscaping, and it can be detrimental to your home if not done correctly. Jason is here to discuss how knowledgeable and professional landscaping can enhance your home and make the property more serviceable. Landscaping is a whole lot more than just adding pretty flowers as you will discover today.

18-08-20 JasonSchmidt

Around The House: Site Work Done Well

Our guest this morning on Around The House iNaira Petralanda, president and CEO of Bulldog Site Work, LLC.  The dirt and land around your home is really more important that than the home itself. If the terrain of your property is not properly laid out and designed, you can have flooding in your home, cracked foundations and a home that is not serviceable. Naira will be discussing site work around the house and commercial projects. We are going to discuss the key ingredients to making sure the site work for your home is done correctly.

18-08-20 NairaPetralanda

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