Around The House: Move It and Store It Safely

Today on Around The House our guest is Kate Cabrera, owner of Keep It Safe, Moving and Storage. We've all got "stuff" and the amount of stuff we collect seems to grow as we grow. So, how do you move and/or store all these household items, memories, antiques, and other "stuff" when it comes time to relocate? Kate is going to go over the options, what to look out for, proper preparation and wrapping, what to do to make it a smooth move or transition, and why it makes good sense to use a professional to look after your items whether you're moving across country, or just the other side of town. 

18-10-29 KateCabrera

Around The House: LED Wonderland

Today on Around The House our guest is Mark Iceberg, owner of Liquid Lights. Mark is going to tell us all about using LED lighting technology for both functionality, landscaping, and interior designing of your home, both inside and out. LED lighting uses just a fraction of the electricity of equivalent standard lighting and it emits practically no heat, making it a safe go-to for almost any location and use. So listen in as we trip the... LED fantastic.

18-10-29 MarkIceberg

Around The House: Choose the Best Countertop

Today on Around The House our guest is Karen Schroeder of Solid Image. Selecting, cleaning, and maintaining countertops of various materials and finishes is both a science and an artform. Karen is here today to give us all professional tips on how to do each of these. It's going to be a really interesting show today, because I can honestly say that nobody in the Central Florida area knows more about countertops than this lady.

18-10-22 KarenSchroeder-rev

Around The House: Fresh Up With New Paint

Today on Around The House our guest is Amanda Kelly owner of Kelly Painting. The holidays are coming and with family flying in, dinners to prepare, guests to invite, a lot of people are wanting to spruce the place up a bit too. Amanda is here today to talk to us about professional painting tips and ways to freshen up your house for the holiday season parties and guests.

18-10-22 AmandaKelly-rev

Around The House: Installing & Repairing Windows

Today on Around The House our guests are Chryston Hill and David Rockefeller, part of the experienced, professional Sales Team at RoMac Building Supply representing our Windows Division. There's really a lot to learn about buying, repairing, installing, and replacing windows for your home, and today Chryston and David are going to let you in on some of the secrets of proper selection, installation, repair, and maintenance. It's going to be an interesting hour.

18-10-15 ChrystonDavidRock

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