Around The House: Professional Home Cleaning

Our guest this morning on Around The House is Dave Costas, owner of All Surface Rejuvenations Plus. To ensure longevity after you build your home, it is imperative that you keep it clean. Dirty and filthy carpets can cut warranties, dirty and unsealed granite can discolor, and grout lines can become permanently marred without cleaning and care. In our first segment Dave Costas from All Surface Rejuvenations Plus will be here to discuss how the professionals clean surfaces in the home.

18-08-06 DaveCostas-NewSurfRegen

Around The House: Prep Your Home To Sell guest this morning on Around The House is Lauralyn Lane, Realtor and Interior Designer with ERA Grizzard Real Estate. Lauralyn is going to be talking about how to properly prepare your house for a profitable sell in today's real estate market.Around The House

18-07-16 LauralynLane-ERA

Around The House: Zen and the Art of Garage Door Maintenance

Our guest this morning on Around The House is Jim Chaput, Manager of Ro-Mac Garage Doors. This is the time of year when the weather is cool one day and warm the next that your garage doors can have some service issues.  Springs will break, motors will fail and doors will start to make a lot of noise.  This is a great time to talk about garage door maintenance.

18-07-30 JimChaput-GarageDoorsDiv

Around The House: Get A Good Mortgage

Our guest this morning on Around The House is Mary Rhodes, branch manager for The Mortgage Firm. A lot has changed in the mortgage industry; new rules, more hoops to jump through, more regulations. Mary is going to help you navigate through the red tape jungle and come out the other end with a good mortgage!

18-07-23 MaryRhodes-TheMortgCo

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