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Ro-Mac Contacts

Name Position Phone
Dan Robuck Jr. Owner/President 352-787-4545 x-1117
Don Magruder Chief Executive Officer 352-314-3160
Dan Robuck III Vice President 352-787-4545 x-1103
Susan Adams Sales Manager 352-787-4545 x-1119
Commercial Department 352-787-4545 x-1013
Credit Department 352-787-4545 x-1109
Design Center 352-787-4545 x-7099
Door Plant 352-787-4545 x-5099
Garage Doors 352-748-4575 x-8099
Garage Doors Service 352-748-4575
General questions 352-787-4545
Leesburg Store 352-787-4545
Lumber and General Construction 352-787-4545
Mount Dora Store 352-383-4111
Ocala Store 352-622-7099
The Villages Store 352-753-3333
Truss Plant 352-787-5334
Windows Department 352-314-3164
Windows Service 352-787-4545
Villages Window Inquiries